Monday, June 19, 2006

3 cheers! Rock is back to work in the kitchen! Today was his first day back at the grill. Tomorrow morning it's his 'world-famous' blueberry pancakes and maple bacon. The crowd goes wild!

Seriously, it is good to have him back at his favorite post. He has been missing his morning chats with all the guests. He loves nothing better than to sit down in the comfy chair and listen to everyone's story.

Today we had folks here who both just graduated from college. They are off to teach English in China in a few weeks and this was a first real vacation for them. Rock has really missed these early morning conversations with everyone and it's good to have him ensconced in his chair with his coffee (at least until stomachs start to rumble and he has to 'leap into action'!)

Thanks again to all the family members who pitched in to help!

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