Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Slightly overcast here today, still a great day for hiking or biking, cool enough so you can enjoy yourself!

Freeport is gearing up for the 4th...there is a 3-day town-wide sidewalk sale from the 1st - 3rd. LL Bean's annual 10k run is scheduled to start at 7:30 AM. The parade starts at 10 AM and heads down Main Street from Kendall Lane. Meet Miss Maine after the parade.

A climbing wall will be set up on Main Street with proceeds from admittance going to the Freeport Public Safety Training Program.

We still have rooms available for the weekend, make plans to stay over Monday night to be on hand for the parade Tuesday morning.

Fireworks Tuesday evening, great viewing from the ballpark behind LL Bean!

On another note...are you expecting your first baby? Getting ready for an adoption? In the weeks before your little one's arrival you may find yourself stressed, worn out from all the planning, pretty tired of hearing, 'You haven't had that baby YET?' or 'So, just WHEN do you meet your new son or daughter?'

It's time to take a couple of days for yourselves. Sit down with nothing better to do than have a conversation or read a book (NOT a baby book!) or go to a movie or go for a walk on the beach, together, alone (for the last time for the next 18 or so years!).

Check here for our Babymoon Special...2 nights' stay, dinner, chocolates and more...

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