Saturday, June 07, 2008

Maine Staycation- what's this?

You may have heard the latest buzz by now...'Staycations'. Other than being one in a long line of portmanteau words, what is it exactly?

A staycation is a vacation taken close to home. You know, you just have to go somewhere but you either can't or don't want to go too far. In some cases, you just need to be close to home for a variety of reasons but you'd like a change of scenery.

Maybe this is the year you've decided that you just want to be a tourist in your own state. Say you live in Bethel and you've never been to the coast. Or, for some like myself, you live along the coast but you've never ventured inland. Then a staycation is for you. Find out what the other side of the state is all about!

Obviously, we've got the ocean over here. But there's more than water to the coastal regions. We have great dining, museums, hiking, fishing, biking and, yeah, all the 'water' stuff like lighthouses and sea kayaking to name but two.

So, fellow Mainer, if this is your year to see how the other half lives, we're offering you a deal when you stay at White Cedar Inn. As a resident, you get $15 off your room from June through October, 2008. The only fine print is you must be a legal resident of Maine and this offer cannot be used with any other promotions or packages.

By summer's end, $15 may only be buying you 3 gallons of gas, so you probably should stay 2 nights so you have saved enough money on your lodging to pay for the gas to get here and back home again! If you're on a motorcycle, we have paved, lighted parking and you could make it all the way here from Fort Kent!


Anonymous said...

sounds good!
i haven't been to freeport in years (not since i was a little girl)

Innkeeper @ The Claiborne House B&B said...

We love STAYCATIONS and hope our fellow Americans can jump on the idea of not only saving their own $$ by visiting their own state, but also help our soggy dollar.

Here at The Claiborne House B&B in Virginia we have a Green Staycation Special on offer as well. I hope others can visit these wonderful backyards of ours. There really is some fantastic things to see and do within our own states. see our blog article on Staycations at