Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Wicked Whoopies comes to Freeport!

Out for my walk today and decided to take a chance and duck into the newest store on Main St, Wicked Whoopies. Uh oh, this is going to be one tough store to just walk past on my walks! Amy, the owner and chief whoopie pie baker was on hand to show us around and explain the makings of a whoopie pie.

These are just decadent little (or big, there was one there that looked about 12" across!) pies with 2 cake shells with a fluffy cream filling in between.

I got the original flavor which is chocolate cake with the white cream filling. (There is also a peanut butter cream filling!) If chocolate cake with cream filling is not enough chocolate for you, this one also comes dipped in chocolate! Tried the banana one as well. The banana version tastes just like banana bread.

Amy also has coffee and drinks as well as a large selection of Wicked Whoopies in 7 different flavors.

You've got to stop by when you're in town. The shop is located just across the street from Reebok and around the corner from The Body Shop (down that little set of stairs) where the RD Allen tourmaline jewelry shop used to be. (RD Allen has moved to Middle Street, across from Rite Aid.)

In case you've never seen a whoopie pie (WHERE have you been???) here's a pic I got from the Wicked Whoopies Website. If you realize when you get home that you just have to have more Wicked Whoopies, you can order them online!

If Wicked Whoopies sounds familiar it's probably because you've seen them on Oprah, Good Morning America or Unwrapped. If you haven't seen them there you can watch the film clips on the website.

With Wicked Whoopies, Wilbur's Chocolates and Simply Divine Brownies, Freeport will be the chocolate capital of Maine pretty soon.

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