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Irish Scrambled Eggs

Irish Scrambled Eggs

Pretty much the number one question we're asked about the Irish scrambled eggs is what makes them Irish? That would be the emphasis on heavy cream and butter given that was how my Nana used to make them when I was a kid. From there, we diverge. You'll notice there are tomatoes and scallions in the recipe. I don't think my Nana ever met a tomato she liked and she surely never put them in eggs. Sorry, Nana.

A little story and then I'll get on with the recipe. My younger brother was born in January. While my mother was in the hospital 'recuperating' (back then they didn't kick you out in 24 hours!) I stayed with Nana. Other than getting a stinky brother out of the deal, the one thing I remember most was that she hung my school uniform over the stove (remember having a drying rack in the kitchen all you city people?) to warm it up for me before I put it on to go off to school. Thanks, Nana! (And, to my brother- you stopped being stinky a long time you!)

Without further ado...the recipe:

Makes enough for 2

6 eggs
2+ tbsps of heavy cream
butter for the pan

12 cherry tomatoes (grape tomatoes also work), sliced in half
2 scallions, chopped (save greens for topping)
pinch of thyme
2 tbsps olive oil

shaved parmesan cheese for topping

Add butter to fry pan, enough to cook eggs. Heat, but do not brown butter. While heating, whisk eggs. When fry pan is ready, pour eggs in and let set up slightly. Then, gently fold eggs over and over, scraping bottom of fry pan to cook through. (Like you would usually cook scrambled eggs.) When eggs are just about done, pour in 2 or more tablespoons of heavy cream, turn off heat and fold the cream gently into the eggs. The eggs will immediately get creamy. (Don't add the cream at the beginning, it doesn't come out the same way.)

In a second fry pan, at the same time, heat the olive oil and add the tomatoes, scallions (reserving the green tops) and thyme. What you are doing here is merely warming, not cooking the tomatoes and scallions.

When the eggs are done, plate and immediately top with tomatoes and scallions. Add the green, chopped tops of the scallions and shaved parmesan to the top of the eggs. Serve with your favorite breakfast meat and toast or biscuits. (Or Irish soda bread!)

Printable recipe page. (We've renamed this dish 'Tuscan Scrambled Eggs'.)

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