Thursday, August 26, 2010

My new best friend in the kitchen

Do you ever consider what the 'best' kitchen tool you own is? Yeah, me neither. However, after spending years (seriously, years) making a colossal butchery of brownies, I started asking around to find out how anyone cuts brownies without have cracked, chipped and otherwise nasty-looking edges on their brownies.

After all, I've been to bake sales with other moms' perfectly square brownies for sale and always wondered how they did that. Not enough back then to ask because I would never make brownies for a bake sale, we were a cupcake kind of family.

But, you know, presentation is sometimes 75% of how something tastes, so I figured I should master this 'square-edged brownie' phenomenon.

Voila! My new best friend in the kitchen arsenal:

Yes, dear reader- a plastic knife. Cuts through warm brownies like buttah. No more crumbly edges, no more cracked tops and chunks missing. PERFECTLY square brownies every time. Ahhh.

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