Saturday, August 21, 2010

When guests skip breakfast

OK, I know those of you who have delighted in our breakfasts are staring at your computer screens aghast- skip breakfast? What were they thinking? Sometimes it's not planned, guests just realize it's farther away to wherever they are going than they thought or their flight leaves really early so they don't have time to stop and dawdle over the fabulous fruity french toast or the Irish scrambled eggs (BTW, now known as 'Tuscan Scrambled Eggs' after they were pronounced 'a taste of home' by one of our Italian guests. Plus, 'Tuscan' makes you think of tomatoes and 'Irish' doesn't, so it really does work out better. Sorry Nana.)

Anyway, back to what happens when guests skip breakfast- we have a lot of fruit leftover. Generally, Rock has all the fruit courses made up by 6:30 AM so if anyone leaves after that we have extras. Today, we had 5 extra peach fruit plates leftover and this is what happened to them:

peach upside down cake
Yum-o! Peach upside down cake! I know most of you know that I am not the cook. I won't mention how old I am but this is the very first upside down cake I have ever made. I'll be tasting it once it has cooled. Hope it's worthy of the pretty photo it took!

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