Sunday, April 03, 2011

Excavating the past

In the ongoing 'new flooring project' we're beginning to be amazed at what we're finding in a 'relatively' new house. ('Our' side of the building was built in 1988, your side of the building, dear guest, was built in 1888.)

The dining room simply has the plywood subfloor. The kitchen, on the other hand, well! First there is the blue and white vinyl you see in the background. Then a layer of lauan. Then, startlingly, ANOTHER layer of vinyl. What we fondly refer to as 'the bathroom floor' as this was the same flooring we had in our bathroom (and it was also in the laundry room).

Under that is the plywood. Except, in the middle of the kitchen, there is no 'bathroom flooring' there is only plywood. (Hmmm. Did that get torn out to access the plumbing for the sink in the island?)

We're also kind of curious what caused the round tears we've found in the yellow vinyl. (Like little crop circles.) Some checking around and here's what we know...once upon a time there WAS a bathroom where the kitchen is now. It was completely removed, the room was totally gutted and refitted as a kitchen.

The lauan was put down and the new blue & white flooring along with all of the cabinets was put in on top. And now we are taking it back down to the plywood. To put in the new bamboo floors.

We've already opened up a box of the new flooring and pulled a few planks out to get a feel for how it will look. Sweet!

More pix as we progress.

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