Thursday, June 21, 2012

Feathers over Freeport

white cedar inn osprey watch
Osprey on nest

Freeport's new annual birding event, Feathers over Freeport, happens the last weekend in April. 2012 was the second year the event brought in birders from all over the Freeport area, Maine, New England and beyond.

Each year an intern spends 2 months (from March to May) tabulating the number of migratory raptors that use the corridor along which sits Bradbury Mountain.

For one weekend, birders of all stripes flock to the summit of Bradbury Mountain to count along with the intern.

white cedar inn bradbury mountain
Sighting raptors on Bradbury Mountain.

Even if you think you might not have what it takes to be a birder, getting out for a day on the mountain and a walk around Wolfe Neck Park is a fun way to spend the weekend.

feldspar quarry bradbury mountain
Feldspar quarry at Bradbury Mountain.

There are guided walks, eagle-spotting on Bradbury Mountain, osprey watches at Wolfe Neck Woods, events for children and more. In 2012, Wind over Wings had a raptor demonstration which was very well attended.All of the birds they bring with them are rescue birds which may or may not be able to rehabilitate to the wild. The golden eagle below was shot through the wing and does not have the ability to fly well enough to feed itself in the wild.

American kestral
American kestral.Weighs about as much as a US quarter coin.

golden eagle
Golden eagle.

read tailed hawk
Red tailed hawk.

So, mark your calendars for next year and head on up to Maine the last weekend in April for Feathers over Freeport! Stay with us and we'll give you a free day pass for either Bradbury Mountain or Wolfe Neck Woods.

casco bay from bradbury mountain
Casco Bay from the top of Bradbury Mountain. With binoculars you can see Halfway Rock lighthouse!
For more information about the events, please check the Freeport Wild Bird Supply website.

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