Sunday, February 17, 2013

Augusta Daytripping

Hit the road the other day with Augusta/Hallowell as our destination. We're putting together a great historical sightseeing trip for you with admission passes and things to do. This is a sneak peek at some of the things you'll get to see and do:

portrait of governor of Maine
In the hall of portraits of governors.

maine moose diorama
One of the four season dioramas. Each season has a different Maine animal as the focus.

birch bark canoe
Gorgeous, pristine birchbark canoe with Harlequin pattern along the side.

inside Maine State Capitol dome
Inside the capitol dome.

Rosie the riveter
Rosie the Riveter from the 'infamous' mural.

Maine state house
Maine state house.

Stinson sardine can
Sardine tin from the last sardine processing plant in the United States.

Full size, operational watermill.

union right to vote
The right to vote, from the same mural.

The historic tour package will be available this summer (some of the planned sites are closed during the winter). We hope you'll go home after your vacation with a deeper understanding of the people of Maine and what was and what is important to them.

(A little background on the 'infamous' mural...the mural had been hanging in the Dept of Labor Building until a few business owners complained to the governor that the mural was 'biased toward workers and against owners'. The governor exercised his right to remove something he found 'offensive'. The mural was removed in the middle of the night and hidden away. It was returned for public viewing, but it now hangs in the foyer of the Maine State Museum where, apparently, it offends no one. Kudos to the Museum for putting 2 large notebooks in the lobby into which MANY Mainers have voiced their opinions about the mural and the fuss engendered by its removal and subsequent return to public viewing.)

Which just goes to show that 'history' is not dead, it is going on all around us all the time!

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