Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Florida Lake Trail

Finally had the chance to go on one of the guided hikes with the Freeport Conservation group. (Sign up for their email newsletter if you'd like to go along!)

One of the many bridges and boardwalks the Boy Scouts worked on.

Red Trail around the lake

First freeze of the year.
Florida Lake is an excellent location for birders. Migrating waterfowl use the lake as a resting spot along their journey. The woodlands surrounding the lake are also home to numerous bird species.

In the summer, this is a great spot for kayaking on calm waters or taking a dip to cool off.

The lake gets its name from the general outline being similar to the state of Florida.

How to get there: Take Rt 136 (Mallett Dr) toward Durham. Turn right on Rt 125 (Wardtown Rd). Go approximately 3 miles, pass Laughingstock Farm (stop at the farm stand for veggies!), Florida Lake is on your right. Turn in between the 2 houses and go all the way to the back. 

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