Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Becky's Diner Portland, Maine

Part of our Maine vacation included a day in Portland wandering around in the Old Port, poking our noses in here and there to see what the shops had to offer and trying out different places for lunch. The trip really started on Tuesday when we were on our way back home from leaving the Riv at the garage station. We decided to stop and get lunch at Becky's Diner.

Becky's is right on the Hobson's Wharf on Commercial Street. Last time we were there they were in the middle of an extensive reno which is now complete. My 'taste test' for a diner is the BLT on white toast. It's a tough recipe to mess up but you'd be surprised how often I've been disappointed. Not this time- Becky's nailed the BLT. Perfectly toasted bread, crisp lettuce, juicy tomatoes and just enough bacon for every bite. Yum!

Becky's is the kind of place you can go to no matter who you are. Everyone was in there from blue-haired grannies to Cole Haan-wearing professionals to guys just off the boats to college kids on break to tourists. You name it, they were represented. It's that kind of place. Everyone is comfortable in a diner.

While we sat there it was like old home week with people from Augusta greeting long-lost friends in Portland, college kids getting together with friends and business people meeting up for lunch.

Once inside, Becky's is very reminiscent of a ferry boat. If you've ever taken the ferry between Burlington and Plattsburgh (or the Casco Bay Ferry) you'll know just what I mean. Other than it wasn't moving, it was just like being on one of those dinner cruises around Lake Champlain or Casco Bay (without the diesel fumes!). In case you didn't enjoy your ferry ride and you're wondering why I'm making this comparison, I actually LIKE the ferry so this felt very homey to me!

After eating, we decided to come back to Portland the next day to explore.

All around, Becky's is a quick place to drop in for a great lunch. (Headed toward the bridge on Commercial St, Becky's is just before you go under the bridge, on the left.)

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