Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Maine Vacation

Earlier this week, Tuesday to be exact, we headed out happily singing the 'we're on vacation' song with me doing the 'we're on vacation' dance. (Ask to see that sometime, it's good for a laugh.)

It was pouring rain, but that was ok- we were on vacation! Well, the fun and frivolity lasted until around Biddeford, where the car died. There was a bit a of sputtering so we beat a hasty retreat off the interstate and pulled over into a 'No Parking' zone to see what was up. What was up was that, after a good, solid 15 year (!) run, the Riv bit the dust. Hard.

So, after getting a tow to the garage station and a loaner car from them, we headed home to get a rental car to continue the vacation. A little bit later, we were back on the road headed for the garage station to attend the wake for the Riv. End of vacation.

At this point, we'd already gotten it into our heads that 'we were on vacation!' so, instead of just rehanging the 'vacancy' sign, we decided to be on vacation in Maine.

Tune in tomorrow for where we went and what we did.

(BTW- when you see Rock commiserate with him about the Riv, he's bummed. 12 years with the same car will do that to you.)

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