Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sometimes you just have to check it out!

We've driven past this sign and this bridge for I don't know how many years. Finally, we pulled off the road to find out just what makes this an 'Historic Bridge.' The bridge crosses the Androscoggin River between Brunswick and Topsham.

The bridge was originally built in the 1800's as a way for workers to get from where they were housed in Topsham to the Cabot Mill in Brunswick. You really need to stop by sometime, walk across the bridge and imagine the trek every morning and night (in the dark) across this bridge in all kinds of weather. Bridge deck slick in the winter from sleet, baking in the summer and yet, at times, a beautiful walk in the fall and spring. Not that you'd be particularly enamored of the view after the long hours working and then the couple mile walk to get back home. But, maybe, your sweetheart would be waiting to walk home with you and you could have a few minutes of time together after a long day.

The bridge was refurbished in 2008, the parking lot was paved and granite seating was placed at both ends of the bridge where you can sit and enjoy the view- downriver to the Cabot Mill (Ft Andross) and upriver to the car bridge. To the left of the mill is the dam. A really good vantage point to view the dam and the river is from Sea Dog Brewery in Topsham and from several restaurants located in the mill. You could walk from the bridge to Sea Dog Brewery along Bridge St to Summer St. (You come out at Border Trust Bank, which is across Main St from the restaurant.)

To see for yourself, you'll need to be coming south on Rt 1 between Ft Andros and Pleasant St (Brunswick). There is a left turn lane for Rt 24 (onto Cushing St), a pedestrian crosswalk and the tiny parking lot on the right side of Rt 1. If you miss it, you can cross the one lane car bridge and turn right at the end. (Sometime, we have to try that bridge, too.)

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