Monday, March 21, 2011

The New Door, La Puerta Nueva, La Porte Nouvelle, La Porta Nuova

ready to paint
No matter how you say it, we're getting a new entry door!

Sometime during the late fall we noticed the door was no longer staying shut on it's own. Doing a little scouting we realized the door needed a lot of work and we had just about used our last resource to fix it one more time.

Voila! New door.

Right now it's waiting for paint and a slightly warmer day for installation. We'll put in a new lockset as well.

Interesting feature with this new door is a built-in shade. There's a little slider on the inside that we can adjust the shade with- open, closed, half-way. It'll help on those summer days (that seem such a long way off right now!) when the sun is baking that side of the house.

More pix on installation day!

open door frameIt starts off so easily with a simple screwdriver and a bright, sunny day.

easier with a sawzall
Then there's the realization that the nice, new, square door does not fit into the old, bent, warped door frame and a sawzall is needed. (It's always a happy day when a sawzall is needed! Ask sometime about the photo we have of Rock, the sawzall and the Thanksgiving turkey.)

door and frame pulled outOh, and did I mention the mess? Sawdust everywhere. Insulation everywhere. Bits and pieces everywhere. Still, it's a lovely, sunny day out there. You can almost see the snow melting as the day progresses. (This day went on for 8 hours! The snow melted back about 2 feet.)

new door installed
Worth the wait! It's a beautiful new door, with a new lockset and the neat blinds between the glass so we can cut down on the blazing sun in the summer. (Yes, that IS brand new snow falling outside on this, the first day of Spring!)

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