Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Now you see it...

The 'Before'

We spent today making a couple of changes to some of the inn rooms. In one case, the Casco Bay, it was a simple change from lace curtains to light-blocking drapes. So, sleep in, no more early morning sun waking you up at 4:30 AM!

The other was a bit more dramatic...we removed the twin bed from the Lillian Room and added a cozy reading nook! After a lot of discussion, we decided that the Lillian needed to be an 'adult' getaway and not a 'kid-friendly' room. (We have 3 other kid-friendly rooms!) The new reading nook with 2 comfy chairs, a side table with lamp and an overhead reading lamp fits the bill completely!

Take a look:
The 'After'

Remember, if you used to reserve the Lillian Room for the second bed, we have the Casco Bay, the Crow's Nest and the Bowdoin with 2 beds.

This new cozy setup makes me think I'll be sneaking up there to sit and read!

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