Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Peary MacMillan Arctic Museum hosts the Centennial

During the course of the year, Bowdoin College will be hosting events associated with Adm Peary's 1908-1909 expedition to the North Pole. Each day there will be a new entry posted from the logs of the crew members. Follow along as Peary, MacMillan and Henson make the trek to the Pole.

Also available is the newly re-issued "How Peary Reached the Pole: The Personal Story of His Assistant Donald B. Macmillan" written by our own Donald MacMillan. I've just ordered a copy so we'll have it here for your perusal.

Read entries from MacMillan's own personal diary of the expedition as the remainder of the crew sets out on the last leg of the expedition as he stays behind with frostbite.

With new artifacts brought in especially for the Centennial, this is the time to visit the Arctic Museum.

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