Monday, February 02, 2009

When hotels trim amenities, B&B's become a better value

Just read the article in the Wall Street Journal about how high end hotels are putting an end to those B and B amenities they trotted out years ago to lure travelers away from the Bed and Breakfast experience.

There has been no 'trimming of amenities' here at White Cedar Inn! As a matter of fact, in picking up a secondary point in the article-cleanliness-we have just replaced all the carpet in the 4 guestrooms upstairs. (The Bowdoin's carpet was replaced in 2005.) And, so guests know, we don't wash your drinking glasses in the bathroom sink, everything goes into the dishwasher for a sanitize cycle. And the blankets, quilts and mattress pads are washed on a regular basis, in hot water and using bleach. (Sheets, of course, are changed for every guest!)

So, what's free here that the big name hotels are charging you for?

  1. Parking
  2. WiFi
  3. A full, sit down breakfast (no buffet lines here!)
  4. Coffee and tea whenever you want it
  5. Afternoon cookies or cake
  6. Concierge services such as boarding pass printing and restaurant reservations
  7. Loaner laptop
  8. Morning newspaper
And, we've added a microwave in the guest pantry along with the fridge so you can reheat those yummy restaurant leftovers!

The more the hotels trim, the more value there is in staying in a B and B where the owners are on hand to insure you are greeted with a smile and treated like good friends come for a visit. We hope to see you soon...don't forget your complimentary cookies and tea when you check-in!

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