Monday, February 23, 2009

Another storm!

Whew! I made it thru this storm ok.
What started off as rain last night, ended up like this: that's the same tree from a couple of posts ago, the one that had the work done to it.

At least this time it seems to have held up just fine, unlike the next tree...

You know which one this is, you can see the thermometer attached to it! This view is from the dining room window.

Now the sun is out and most of the snow is falling off the trees in large, cold, wet clumps...brrr!

C&G, if you're reading missed another one!

More storm damage.
It'll be a little while before we can even reach this tree to get that branch down. It's cracked almost all the way thru but, because the tip of the branch is in a snowbank, the whole branch is being held up. Otherwise, it would have snapped clear off.

You can see the white cedar (to the right of the 'thermometer tree') also lost a few branches.

These pictures were taken fairly early this morning, thus the overall blue tint to everything. Yes, I was up and out THAT early!

Seriously? I could have taken these pictures at midnight it was so bright outside with the reflected light from the snowfall and the streetlights.
My hero.

My hero...

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Anonymous said...

Son of a biscuit! Our timing was off by "that" much.
I hope we have better luck next year.