Thursday, January 21, 2010

And Now for the Dismount

So, today being the glorious winter day that it is here in Maine (by that I mean sunshine, feet of snow and fairly warm-35 degrees), we ventured out to Wolfe Neck Woods to go snowshoeing.

We love it there. There are easy peasy trails, moderate trails and, if you go out early enough, you can blaze your own trails. My one pet peeve is I really do wish the trails were marked up high so you could see where to go in the winter. We generally end up wandering aimlessly for part of the time and then retrace our own trail when we get tired.

After an hour of following trails, blazing our own and generally enjoying the piney woods and the salt air, we headed back to the car. Bre had a great time, never once stopping to pull snow out from between her toes, even tho she was up to her belly in some places. (She WILL have to be in front trail-blazing!)

There is a tiny, probably 3', bank of snow from the snowplow pushed up in the parking lot at the end of the trail we were on. I walked to the top and jumped. Have I ever mentioned my athletic training? My Olympic trials? No? Well, there's a reason for that. I have no athletic training or ability for that matter.

What made me think jumping off a three foot pile of snow onto an icy parking lot while wearing snowshoes was going to end well? Possibly watching my nephews snowboard down the hill outside and get air off the 5' pile of snow in my own driveway. Really, three feet? Flat landing? Barely moving when I jumped?

You know where this is going, right? I fell. Forward on both knees. Then I rolled over and hit my head on the parking lot. Rock was right behind me so I asked if he could avoid falling on me when he jumped. Of course, HE has grace and athletic ability so he just walked down the slope and over to the car telling Bre to, 'Get the Mommy. Go on, get the Mommy.'

He did come back and take my snowshoes off for me as I held my feet in the air. And, luckily, the other folks in the parking lot were on the other side of my car so they didn't see me trying to stand up.

So, I didn't stick the landing. The dismount has always been my weak point. Ask sometime about my first time on the parallel uneven bars in gym class.

And if you're like me, don't assume you absorb grace and agility by watching kids who are 40 years younger than you are do things you couldn't do when you WERE their age, much less now!

Back out tomorrow! Will avoid the 'treacherous mountains' of snow.


Casco Bay Soap Co. said...

OH Monica! We had the same trouble, except trying to get ON a trail. So we had to go up and over the bank. I made it after 2 tries and a hand from my friend. But my other friend got her snowshoe stuck in the bank and ended up falling forward and face planting in the snow! Those there snow banks are tough! Beautiful day out there today. :)

Kimberly Aardal said...

I don't blame you for taking the jump. I would probably do the same. Sometimes you just get that feeling and away you go. It's all part of the fun of winter.