Friday, January 22, 2010

The Year in Numbers

And other fun facts!

I was thinking this morning that we had some interesting facts about guests and the inn that I should share with you. So, here's a short list of weird and wonderful facts about White Cedar Inn last year:

  • Number of times the most frequent sleepers slept here last year: 17. Yes, that's one couple! And that's 17 different reservations!
  • Number of nights for the longest continuous stay: 8. Followed closely by 6 guests each staying 7 nights.
  • How far away did guests come from? The farthest was Hong Kong. The nearest was Freeport.
  • Number of different languages spoken? 11
  • What were they? Portuguese, French (both Canada and France), German, Cantonese, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, British (yes, it is different!), Bengali, Arabic, Hebrew.
  • Number of different languages at ONE breakfast: 4
  • New ways to say and write 'lobster:' 3 (Arabic, Hebrew, Bengali)
  • Youngest guest: 6 months
  • Oldest guest: 91 (we didn't ask, she told us!)
  • Most guests in the house at one time: 17
  • Fewest guests in the house at one time: 1 (you get our FULL attention that way!)
  • Number of days in a row with guests in the house: 79 (c'mon, we can do better than that this year!)
  • Number of eggs cracked: 789 (give or take)
  • Number of 'frequent sleepers:' 30% (Thank you!)
OK, back to painting...hope you enjoyed that little bit of fun and trivia!

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