Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Year Of Me

Pemaquid Point, Maine
The title of this may have thrown you. The 'Year of Me' sounds so positively decadent! However, that wasn't the essential meaning.

This is the time of year everyone looks back and looks ahead and attempts to change those things they don't like, either about themselves, their surroundings or the greater world. My point in the Year of Me is to celebrate yourself. You're pretty fantastic just the way you are!

So, you might want to change a little, or big, something here or there, but you are essentially a good person. So, let's celebrate that!

Here's how...

  • Take the 'good' towels, linens, silverware, crystal, dishes out of the closet and use them. Yes, you. You use them for yourself. Everyday. Because YOU are the special occasion those things are being saved for.
  • Cash in those gift certificates you got for Christmas, your birthday, your anniversary. They are not worth more the longer you wait! Some may even expire while you are waiting. (If you think you have a gift certificate here and you can't find it, just call us!)
  • Cash in those frequent flier miles before they're gone. Take the trip. Maybe you can't take your fantasy trip, but you can go somewhere really nice. Go.
  • Do something nice for you. Take a walk. Read a book. Stare out the window and let the phone ring.
  • Everyday be thankful for one good thing that happened. Even if all you can think of is, 'Whew, thank goodness the cat didn't leave another hairball this morning!'
  • Smile at strangers. Depending on where you are, they'll smile back or avoid you like the plague. But you will make yourself happy and that's what matters!

That's what the Year of Me is about. Celebrating the wonderfulness of you.

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