Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Let the Demo Begin!

After my usual bout of sniffly, sneezy winter cold, we started the wallpaper stripping today! In just over one hour, Rock had almost all of the wallpaper down- Thank You Phil! That just goes to show what proper prep work will do for you in the future! It'll take some care to go around the sprinkler system heads, but having the big swaths of paper come down so easily was great!

Some pieces were so perfect, they could just have been put right back up again with a little wallpaper paste!

I was hurrying ahead getting the artwork and face plates down but Rock was tearing (no pun intended) right along.

Time to go pick a paint color!

Here are some action shots:

down comes the wallpaper
Look how easily that piece is coming down. Perfect prep work when the paper was installed.

Rock in action. I asked him to turn around as I had enough shots of the top of his head!

After an hour, and he started in the corner behind me!

So, here's why we don't do lots of projects when you're all here staying with us...it's, what? Jan 21 and we're still not done. Pretty much 3 weeks into it and the wallpaper is still down, but the only paint that's gone up is on the baseboard radiators and the trim. (And not all of that, either!) We still haven't bought the paint!

It didn't help that we now have over a foot of soft, fluffy snow out there! Snowshoeing here we come. Hopefully, some of you are coming up in Feb and can enjoy this time of year!

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