Monday, January 10, 2011

New shower hardware

cutting the template

The first full day of projects has come to a close and 2 showers are done. The Winthrop Fogg & the Parlor both have new single handle shower knobs. Part of the excitement in putting in the one in the Parlor Room was there were no shutoff valves for the hot & cold water. (There are now!)

new shower handle

Although this is not something you would think to do on any kind of regular basis, we are finding that some of the plumbing in the walls behind the showers is a bit rickety so it's good it is being replaced before it just let go on its own.

Late last year we also installed brand new showerheads, so the showers are looking pretty spiffy right now! What we're looking for is a better showering experience for you.

new propane torch

OK, sorry about the above picture...does Rock look like Jack Nicholson in The Shining or what? Well, if Jack had a propane torch instead of that ax. Anyway, that's one of the new tools he got for this project. It's not a 'good' project if you can't buy new tools!

This is why I do my own projects at the same time, in a completely different room. Oh, the mess!

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