Friday, January 21, 2011

Quilting in the snow

Looks like the last of the snow for today has blown through! The sun is coming out and I've been getting my 'quilt studio' online. Quilt studio is really pushing it, though. I've carved out a space in the attic, cleared off an old metal shelf, hung some old quilts on the (really beat up) walls and added a teeny space heater. I've got my drafter's table and an old kitchen table for work surfaces. And a desk I've set the sewing machine up on.

What's up for right now? Baby quilts. I'm two grandchildren behind and there have been rumblings that a pre-K quilt would be nice! Oh, and, there's another baby on the way- arrival in June. Grammie needs to get crackin' here!

If you've talked quilts with me you know I'm a black & white quilter. With the exception of 2 'Eye Spy' quilts, all of my quilts are black & white & red. And, each quilt I've made so far has one patch on the back that is the same for all of them. So they all share one fabric in common. A family connection.

The 2 latest are on the table right now. I'm using a Sudoku pattern that came in the mail. OK, time to fire up the rotary cutter. More pix as I progress.

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