Thursday, May 01, 2014

Banana Pudding

Banana pudding with toasted coconut.
Don't like bananas? You might want to try this anyway. A couple of guests gave it the hairy eyeball and then said it was pretty good 'for bananas'.

Ingredients: for 4 servings in a martini glass

1 large, ripe banana
1 box banana pudding (or vanilla if you really think you won't like it)
2 ozs coconut (toasted)
4 vanilla wafers
whipped cream

How to:

Mix the pudding according to the directions on the box. While the pudding simmers, slice the banana and place evenly in the glasses. Pour pudding over the top. Refrigerate several hours or overnight. (Put plastic film over top if overnight to avoid a skin forming. (Unless you like the skin!)

Toast the coconut. Of course, there is a disaster in this recipe, I always have one for you, don't I? Here it is...the bag of coconut (or online recipes) will tell you it takes 8-20 minutes to toast the coconut. HA! In 8 minutes you have smoke billowing out of the oven!

So, lesson learned, this is how to toast coconut...set oven at 300 degrees. Sprinkle the coconut on a baking sheet and place in oven. Set timer for THREE minutes and then check coconut. Coconut is crafty. 

This is what it looks like: 

  • 3 minutes - white; 
  • 3 minutes, 15 seconds - white;  
  • 3 minutes, 30 seconds - white; 
  • 4 minutes - nicely browned; 
  • 4 minutes, 2 seconds - BURNT!

Just keep checking. If you have a good oven light you don't have to open the door every time. Don't walk away and play Words with Friends or you'll be starting all over again.

Back to the set up...Before serving, top the pudding with whipped cream, a vanilla wafer and that dang toasted coconut. Enjoy! You deserve it!

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