Tuesday, May 13, 2014

High Sierra

After Death Valley, we drove to Bishop, CA on the eastern slopes of the Sierras. So gorgeous! This weather and climate agreed with me, Rock not so much. No allergies for me, no asthma symptoms even tho we spent most of our 2 weeks at elevations over 3000 feet. Something out there did not like Rock, he was sneezing and his eyes were watering. Dang. Thought maybe we could find a place that agrees with both of us!

You're going to assume I've never seen snow before. Not true! It's the juxtaposition of the snow and the high plains that surprised me. 

Rt 168 Bishop, CA
Rt 168 in Bishop, CA
9000 feet up. The road was closed due to snow.
Rt 168 Bishop, CA
That's the road running thru the center of the photo.

2 faced lamb
Just plain weird - a 2-faced lamb. Yes, another face on the other side of the head.

Laws Railway Museum Bishop, CA
Brands, branding irons and a barbed wire display.

Laws Railway Museum Bishop, CA
The old post office with the Sierras in the background

Laws Railway Museum Bishop, CA
Old railyard
 We drove up, up, up Rt 168 looking for a war monument. Missed it completely, drove right past it and kept going. 9000 feet up the road was closed due to snow and falling rocks. Should have had Rock lie down next to the falling rocks sign, why is it always too late when you think of these things? (BTW, there is a word for that - esprit d'escalier. Literal translation is 'stair wit' as in coming up with a witty comeback as you head down the stairs.)

60 degrees in town, 35 on the car thermometer when I took the snowball photo. 

Sorry about the Ripley's-style photo of the lamb. It was just too strange to ignore. That someone would stuff it after it died was kind of strange as well. 

What's truly amazing about driving out here is knowing not that long ago wagons loaded with settlers were making their way thru this same scrub land and over these mountains. How? It boggles the mind. We walked just a little bit out on these high plains and the brush is thorny and unforgiving and it grows so close together!

Next up - Mono Lake.

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