Saturday, May 10, 2014

Death Valley Days

After leaving Vegas, we took Rt 160 to Death Valley, stopping off at Ash Meadows Natural Wildlife Refuge. We were just 'driving thru' but you really need days to explore these wonderful national parks. Just the idea that these are preserved places for us to enjoy is almost unbelievable. We hear this from guests from overseas all the time, they are amazed at how many parks and conservation areas we have to enjoy. These things don't exist everywhere. Go out and explore!

Rt 160 Nevada
Along Rt 160 out of Vegas
Rt 160 Nevada
Rt 160

Ash Meadows Natural Wildlife Preserve Nevada
Water in the desert Ash Meadows

Andrew Jackson Longstreet Amargosa Valley NV
Gunslinger cabin at Ash Meadows

Andrew Jackson Longstreet poem
Gunslinger poem

Death Valley
Heading into Death Valley on Rt 190

Zabriskie Point (hanging on for dear life!)
Zabriskie Point Death Valley
Zabriskie Point Death Valley National Park, CA
Zabriskie Point
Zabriskie Point Death Valley National Park, CA
Zabriskie Point Death Valley National Park, CA

Leaving Death Valley

snowstorm in the Eastern Sierras
Eastern Sierras snowstorm

It doesn't look like much from here but the snow on those mountains is up to 50' deep! Roads from east to west in CA are closed in April because they haven't been plowed yet. Road signs let you know what's open and closed. Chains are required unexpectedly so you have to be flexible on where you're traveling.

It's not really easy to see how incredibly twisty and turny the roads thru Death Valley are. Suffice it to say I tried to do a video to show everyone and I had to stop, I was getting dizzy sitting in the car just trying to film! You are going from 190 feet below sea level to 8000 feet above sea level and back down to 3000 feet above sea level in the space of 30 minutes. UNBELIEVABLE! Great ride on a motorcycle, but not in the summer. Go in the spring or late fall!

But, seriously, go. Even if you've 'BTDT' this is a gorgeous country we've got here and you really should take a look.

Next up - High Sierras.

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