Monday, May 19, 2014

Virginia City Home of the Ponderosa

OK, you know how old we are, right? If not you soon will! We HAD to go to Virginia City. Yes, home of the Ponderosa and the Cartwrights. Just about every place in town had the map from the opening credits. What not a lot of people know, though is that Mark Twain, then known as Samuel Clemens, got his newspaper start here.

The main street of town, C Street, still has the old boardwalk style planks. (Didn't see too many places to hitch horses.) The town is partly on top of the Comstock Lode. Most of the town burned to the ground in less than 2 hours in the 1870's. The local businesses built it back up in less than 2 years.

C Street Virginia City, NV
C Street Virginia City, Nevada

The first flight of stairs to our room at the saloon.

The Millionaires' Club met here.
Stinky & Bernice
Mine tailings down the road. An idea how steep the side streets are!
Stinky & Bernice C Street Virginia City, NV
Stinky and Bernice
 I do have to say this was not my favorite place on the trip. So much history here but just not my kind of town. If you're ever here, do stop into one of the saloons for a drink. Double the size of anything here and half the price. We paid $12 (including tip) for 3 drinks and snacks.

Oh, and DO take the trolley around town. It's a great way to see where everything is so you can explore the things you really want to see. (Without having to go up and down all the side streets like the one above in 90 degree weather!)

If we ever find ourselves driving through here again, I do want to go into one of the mines on a tour.

Another great motorcycle route... Rt 341 and Rt 342. Take a look on a map, it's all S turns.

Next up - we reach the other coast.

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