Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Other Coast

After a week on the road we went over the mountains and into Northern California. Then on to Oregon. The other coast. I spent a lot of time saying, 'We're from Portland. The other one.' (Somewhere in there we stopped in Chico, CA, but only for the night. No photos. Looked like a really nice college town but we were moving on!)

We stopped in Bandon, OR to stretch our legs and Florence, OR for the night. Then on to Cannon Beach and the final push to Seattle.

No, this is not the only shirt I own, it just seems that way. (Actually, I'm wearing it right now, too!)

Oregon coast

Rock/rocks on the coast

Roosevelt elk
Roosevelt elk

OK, the elk are an interesting story. You know I love taking photos of 'wildlife' like birds and animals. So, we're driving along Rt 101 in Trinidad, CA and lo and behold there is this herd of elk by the side of the road in someone's yard! It seems they live there. So, yeah, had to stop the car and take pix. Notice how I got the old pickup truck in the photo, too.

Next up - Redwood Forest.

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